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Abroad enterprise has a good dominance in the export of agriculture products as well as pharmaceutical products. Abroad enterprise is a pharmaceuticals products such as (Powders, Tablets, Pills, Capsules, Aq. solution, Emulsion, Syrup, Drops, Elixir, Lotin, Injection, Ointment, Creams, Paste, Gels, Inhalations…etc.) Exporting in the Countries of Asian continent such as (Mongolia, South Korea, Japan, Macau, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Iran, Maldives), Australia continent countries (Fiji, Australia,), European continent such as (Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain , Italy ), countries of the African continent such as (Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Seychelles), North America (USA, Canada) and Latin American countries (Brazil, Colombia, Chile , Mexico ) is dominated by export.

Abroad enterprise is the international company of agro production. this company can produce the agriculture products of vegetables, beans & fruits like millet, wheat, rice, peanut, potatoes, onion, mangoes etc.

Mr. Haresh Chaudhary is founder & CEO of this company and his main purpose is spreading the high quality product to each & every place of the world. quality, timeliness & value are the three main features of our company. this biggest advantage of joining this company delivers the product directly from the farm to the international market.



We are a very reliable and honest company with great products and competitive price. we look forward to doing business and establishing long term relationships.


Abroad enterprise has a strong customer focus which ensure the products to meet the international quality standards and prompt shipments

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